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Alex Van de Wal

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digavo has been founded late 2008 by Alex Van de Wal, an experienced AdOperations specialist with a rich history in the Belgian online media.  For more than 10 years, Alex has worked in several online media and marketing companies, for which he founded and structured the AdOperations teams.


During many years, he was also one of the driving forces behind the national IAB's Standardisation and Advertising Taskforce and he was an active member of the European AdMonsters seminars and community.


With these experience, digavo wants to be at the service of digital publishers and marketeers to cope with today's challenges, in a rapidly innovating and developping maket. The entire spectrum is in scope, ranging from workflow management or website monetisation to campaign reporting, ROI-measurement and optimisation.


Do you have a burning question, or do you want to challenge your ideas with an expert, just reach out.  We would love to find the best solution for and with you.


"There are no problems, only solutions."

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