AdOperations takes care of the functional management of your campaign, and digavo loves taking the responsibility for it.  You don't have to worry about the setup of your campaign, we take care of it.  From A to Z :


  • control of the creatives
  • trafficking of the creatives in a central AdManagement system
  • dispatching of the campaign material to the online media where your campaign is going to run
  • followup of the preparations of your campaign by the online media and the launch of the campaign
  • monitoring of the campagne
  • reporting of the campagne

Because all of these steps are being followed closely, you definitely win in time and efficiency : there is only one point of contact for all your questions about the campaign.  Throughout the lifetime of your campaign we will be in close contact with the online media companies and creative agencies if needed.


The central management of the campaign gives you one single set of reporting, and we provide you with all relevant campaign data at the end of the campaign.  You can spend your time on analysing campaign statistics, rather than collecting data from different sources.


If you would not have an AdManagement system, we will use ours.  digavo has close relationships with the biggest adserving-companies in the market.  In these cases, you can of course count on our campaign management services.

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