conversion management

The internet is becoming more and more the communication channel towards your target audience, but also to sell them your products or services.

You want to know where these two cross : which communication channel gets you the most conversions ?  What is your 'ROI' ?


An ideal situation for you would be to be able to plan specific and targeted actions to optimise your ROI.
Headlight is a tool that combines the best of both worlds : you measure where you are communicating, how much it costs you, and the results you generate yourself on your website.


Those, only with one important thing in mind: Headlight is there to collect the data across these different types of media, and you take the decisions based on these data.  In other words : you spend your time analysing data, instead of collecting them.


Discover here the most important parts of Headlight :


- planning


- management


- reporting


- optimisation

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