You have decided on which media your campaign will run, now it is time to launch and test it !



Most of our clients find implementing the Headlight tracking and conversionscripts quick and easy.  If you would however need any help, you can always count on digavo.



All of your campaigns can be grouped in different categories, called labels.  These labels allow you to filter the results of your site and marketing easily in Headlight or in the reporting you have extracted.  Using labels can also be used to manage your costs per product if you would have defined these.



You can manage and control all your media assets in Headlight, and you can filter reporting of these.  You can for instance compare results per banner, but also per mediatype (search, bannering, email, others) or per landingpage on your site.

Campaign creatives can be stored in Headlight's library and can be easily reactivated for new campaigns.


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