Campaigns generate a whole bunch of data, but how can you turn these data into business intelligence ?  How do your results compare with your

objectives and expectations ?  How can you optimise your campaigns quickly and cleverly ?


Headlight has the answers...


Create your campaign overview the way you like it. With standard information as clicks, cost per click and click-trough rates you immediately own

the general campaign metrics. From this point you can specify and optimise your campaign


digavo headlight dashboard

digavo headlight kpi chart

digavo headlight why chart


digavo headlight conversions



You quickly want information about the conversions on your site, like for exemple the number of sales you have generated on your website or the

number of information requests ?  Set these up in Headlight as conversions, and you will always have direct access to these data.


KPI charts

What are the most important drivers of your business ?  Is it revenue, the number of pageviews, or the average number of pageviews per visitor ?

You decide in Headlight wat is important for you and on what metrics your want to concentrate for the optimisation.


Goal charts

You can set your targets against your objectives.  For every period - daily, weekly, monthly or a specific period in time - you can measure your results

in view of your objectives.


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