technology selection


You make the best choices based on detailed analysis. You have listed a number of requirements that your selected technology will have to be compliant with. But have you defined exactly what you want to achieve? What is your ultimate goal? What technology is the best choice for these goals?


It is not just about the right adserving platform or campaign management tool. It is also about all aspects that have impact on order management system, inventory management, optimization, billing, targeting or anything else. Everything that may apply for you to run your business optimally.


With the latest developments in free technologies (think only of Google Analytics, OpenX, and the recently announced Small Business Google DFP), it is of large interest to you to have the correct information and an efficient implementation of technologies. These choices will help you to avoid losing valuable time when using your chosen technology.


The choice of a technology is not always easy, but has a big impact on your organization. Therefore, you only deserve to choose the best for your needs.

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