You want to evaluate your running campaigns on a frequent basis.  These evaluation moments are the right time to make strategic decisions on your marketing spendings, based on the analysis of the results and changes you have already made to obtain your objectives.

This means that your reporting needs to be accurate and up-to-date, and Headlight enables you to react appropriately and powerful.


Choose your data

Do you want to look at your campaign per mediatype, or do you also want to evaluate the natural traffic ?  You can see here how your branding is increasing thanks to the success of your new and optimised campaigns.



Choose what you want and get it from Headlight



Choose the reporting format

With Headlight you can treat your data how you like:

- Look at the results online
- Move your mouse over the flash-graphs to see the exact numbers
- Export your reports in Excel, CSV or XML
- Bring your campaigndata into your CRM or database to merge results with clientdata
- Have specific reports sent per mail to yourself and others whenever you want
- Or print the reporting you want

You can treat all data online and offline, and you can create your reports with the info you want.


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