"As a marketer of the 3rd millennium I always want to stay up to date with all the key performance indicators of my marketing activities.
Of course, there are free tools such as Google Analytics or Woopra that can provide a bunch of data and help me to have a global view on my campaigns.
There is also the e-commerce software suite I use and the affiliate program I am working with that are delivering a lot of insightful elements.
When you add to all those data the reporting tools provided by the media sales houses like DART or ATLAS and also the email marketing campaigns tools information, you end up with loads of various forms of element and you can spend a huge amounts of time aggregating, compiling, understanding and learning from these data.
The final objective or take away you want to make with all these ingredients remains to turn these learnings into concrete actions and investment optimizations in regards to your marketing budgets.
So when i saw Headlight I said to myself : "Here is a tool that can make the life of the marketer easier a little bit like the book "The 4 hours week". I get everything gathered and compiled in one place: all my marketing activities - adwords, banner ads, email campaigns, promotions and more - combined with my website's traffic data are measured and reflected in a simple, understandable, easy-to-use marketing dashboard. Literally I can in seconds calculate the return on investment of every type of marketing activity. Simply efficient.".

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